Beauty Gift Guide 2019


Christmas is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year, and putting these gift guides together is always so fun! I love showing you all some of this seasons hottest buys, as well as the timeless favorites.

Lets dig into this years BEAUTY gift guide, and why I chose the items listed!

I listed two different lip kits, Give Me Lip from Sephora has already sold out since publishing this so I linked a very similar one here. Also, the NYX lip collection is such a great way to find your favorite new colors while still getting full size products. It’s $50 but NYX has some of the best neutral shades I have found.


This makeup brush collection got great reviews and is under $20, which is a great deal for an entire brush collection. It is a great starter set for a young teen or a great set to use with eye shadow pallets and such. You will still need to invest in a separate foundation brush if you are a brush snob like I am. But this set is solid for a teen daughter or niece!

You can never go wrong with candles, or anything Kendra Scott! This KS one is such an amazing scent you can burn anytime throughout the year. The scent is just so luxurious! Perfect for a nice hostess gift, mother in law, or friend that likes nice things and literally has everything.

Have a beauty guru to shop for? The gift of great skin never goes out of style. I tried Tula products for the first time this fall, and let me tell you I am a hard one to impress. But I can honestly say, I really did like it. I thought just from the short time I used them that I definitely had brighter skin. I am VERY particular of any skin care brand I share. In fact, I have turned down over 20 (TWENTY) skin care collaborations this year because I did not find their products up to my standards. I guess I am the Simon of skin care products. This gift set would be awesome for anyone on your list…or treat yo self!

The Kardashians came out with a new set of perfumes this year. They are shaped like lips, and I am a sucker for some great packaging. Bonus- they actually smell good too! I particularly liked the “Nude Lip” one. A woman needs a different perfume for each mood, and I for sure have a special Kardashian mood…more like a state of mind.

I listed two silk pillow cases on this gift guide because I wanted to have a splurge one and a save one. The Silk brand one will run you about $85 but people swear by its power of wrinkle prevention. Again, a wonderful gift for the glam girl on your list who literally has everything already. And this one is an alternative option for under $22 on Amazon and comes in multiple colors.

Girls just wanna have fun, right? Umm yes, and fabulous hair! Have someone on your shopping list that has amazing hair and loves to try new things? A teen who is discovering different styles? This amazing hair waver is under $27 and is sure to produce some selfies when used. It is super easy to use, start at the scalp or about three inches down and just work to the end to produce super awesome beach waves.

This cute heart shaped makeup vanity tray was just too cute to pass up. I am most definitely going to add this to cart! You could put your favorite and most used products in here, your jewelry or cherished accessories. A beautiful, and very affordable, gift for any gal on your list. Under $20!

Ok, once you see the price tag on this hairbrush you might think I have lost my marbles. I assure you I have, but this hairbrush just might be worth it. Quick backstory on this brush: I was shopping at Ulta and stocking up on some of my regular goodies when I saw this new Dry Bar hair brush. I didn’t think much of it, tossed it in the basket and went along my way. Fast forward to me being home and checking the receipt while watching my oldest daughter run this “elite” hairbrush through her long brown locks. I about spit my water out when I saw I had been robbed, and by robbed I mean I had purchased an $85 hair brush. It was too late to return it since my oldest was currently grooming herself with it. HOWEVER…this hair brush has been my saving grace. I would buy it again, and here’s why: my daughters who absolutely loath brushing their hair, will now ONLY use this brush. They tell me it doesn’t hurt, it glides through their wild and messy manes with ease and without causing tears from either of us. We have tried every brush known to woman on this planet, including the much raved about Wet brush. Who knew we just needed the Dry brush! So yes, it’s costly but if it gets my girls out the door with their hair brushed and without World War Hair 3….it’s PRICELESS. Ps- I have long hair with extensions and I have used this hair brush and loved how soft and shiny it left my hair. But since we can only afford one of these magical brushes, it goes to the girls.

Too Faced always comes out with the cutest products. I commend their marketing and design team. This year they put together a Christmas Cookie House Party set that when your put it together (the edges are magnetic) it looks like a Gingerbread House. Like….how can I not buy this?! The two eyeshadow pallets alone have some of the best holiday glam colors as well as some solid neutrals. It also comes with a travel size Better Than S*X mascarra.

Urban Decay is another brand we can count of for some of the most amazing eyeshadow pallets this turn of the century. They just launched their Reloaded pallet with all of the most popular shadows as well as larger portions of the most used neutral base shades. Thank you Urban Decay for understanding the struggle! Any makeup guru would be super delighted to open this on Christmas morning!

Another product worth the splurge is the T3 Micro Convertible Curling Trio. Ya’ll know I only wash my hair about once a week (8 days but who’s counting?) So I wash and dry my hair on day one, and then because after all of that hard work I am too exhausted to do anything else, I just put it in a loose pony tail until the next day. On the second day I use my 1″ curling wand to put loose curls/ waves into my hair. And when I curl it on day two, its LASTS until I wash it again. I have never found another wand to product this same effect. Sometimes I don’t even use a hairspray, so I can assure you its this magic curling wand. Save yourself time and a drawer of curling irons that don’t produce lasting curls and get this one!

If you travel often, you know that some of your most precious cargo you pack is your makeup and skincare. I mean let’s be honest, what’s in your toiletry bag is probably worth more than the rest of your suitcase contents. So you want to pack it safely, but also who wants to arrive to said destination and have to dig like an opossum in a trash can to dig out your eyeliner from the bottom of the bag. Well you are sooooo going to love this travel bag! It offers good space, and awesome protection  and organization. If you don’t already have one for yourself then go ahead and just buy yourself one. For under $24, maybe your entire office needs one too.

These have been around for a while now, and they keep adding improvements to them. I have suggested this one because we all know that washing the face is super important for healthy skin, but did you know that HOW you wash your face actually matters too? I suggest using this Sonic tool every night to get good clean skin as well as a little exfoliation.

Last but not least, the power house of all hair dryers. I personally do not own this item, but the reviews have me wanting one! With long/ thick hair or extensions you know how lengthy the hair drying process can be. I have to switch arms so I don’t build up a bigger bicep on one side. The process is real…and sometimes I am standing there in the mirror, three hours later with half my head still wet just dreaming of this dream tool. I have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, and it does not disappoint, so I can only imagine how amazing this hair dryer will be. You know their quality when you see the name Dyson. You walk in a public restroom and see they have Dyson hand dryers and suddenly drying our hands doesn’t seem like such a dreaded chore. Because we know Dyson is a power house and gets the job done quickly and with ease. So Dear Santa, if you are subscribed to my blog, toss one of these in that big ole sack for your favorite girl Christie’s Lion-esq mane.

I hope you all have enjoyed reading about this products and my honest feedback. The next gift guide will be a Women’s guide and will be up soon. Now get to shopping!

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