Top 5 products from 2019 so far!

Well we are into 2019 full swing now, and I wanted to share what have been the top selling items so far this year. And the best part are the great prices of these items! I love a good luxury item from time to time but there is nothing better than finding a great deal. So here are the TOP 5  selling products so far this year:

This LV dupe wallet has been a huge hit. The price point of under $17 is too good to beat! It tends to sell out fast! It also comes in several colors!

I love this lace bodysuit. And apparently ya’ll do too! So many of you have sent me messages saying how much you love this bodysuit. I love the bodysuit trend, I hope it sticks around a long time. Under $17

Number one selling slip on sneaker! I have sold more of these than almost any other item ever!! And I have to agree with you ladies, they are worth every penny. For $29.99 they are one of the products I have really gotten my moneys worth out of.

You all know I love a good dupe! These Gucci dupe sunnies are under $10. That’s correct, less than TEN dollars. They come in solid black too. I own both and love them.


And last but definitely not least, this Glamorous Wash will change your life. Add one cap full to each load and people will be sniffing you and your entire family. I literally just had my daughters teacher chase me down at lunch to ask me what I use to wash our clothes because my daughter smelled so good. This stuff is the real MVP in my book. A little goes a long way, this $24 bottle lasts us about a month. We add it to every wash.

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